A Public Service Agency USED REPORT OF SALE REG. 51 ORDER FORM Instructions Print clearly in black ink or type. FIRST USED REPORT OF SALE NUMBER DATE LAST USED REPORT OF SALE NUMBER I certify or declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. FOR DEPARTMENTAL USE ONLY Complete this section when issuing Used Report of Sales. BEGINNING NUMBER REISSUED ISSUING EMPLOYEE S PRINTED NAME ID NUMBER OFFICE/REGION AUTHORIZED AGENT NAME...
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[Music] you may feel good about selling your car but don't let it come back to haunt you [Music] would they like it back you know Jerry Goddard is president of the independent tours of Washington like tow truck operators everywhere he gets a lot of calls to tow abandoned vehicles that always means tracking down the last owner of record that could be you if you fail to properly file a report of sale with the state of Washington in a lot of cases it's a registered owner that may have sold the car to somebody hill and failed to fill out that seller's report over the years Goddard's been bringing abandoned vehicles to his impound lot where they start accumulating fees lots of fees the bill can be a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars on an abandoned vehicle [Music] there's a red one right behind you here and a van right next to it the vehicles last owner of record is responsible for paying those fees that can come as a real shock to someone who sold the car weeks months even years earlier it is surprising to them that they are still liable for the vehicle that they sold two three years ago and as if impound fees aren't trouble enough imagine this you sell your car but don't fill out a seller's report and the new owners get into an accident that's what happened with this green van the owners fled the scene and then guess who's on the hook with police the registered owner if the car you sold is crashed or used in a crime and you failed to turn in the report of sale you could be liable don't let this happen to you before you give that title to the new owner turn off and keep that reported sale it can save you a lot of trouble by law you're required to fill out the report of sale and turn it in to the Department of Licensing within five business days every day DOL supervisor Jennifer Dana here's what can go wrong after people fail to file that report of sale and the department gets numerous complaints because somebody didn't file a seller's report or maybe they filed it late going online makes filing a report of sale fast and easy make sure you get all of the information you need to properly complete the form and simply enter it online at the DOL website you'll get a receipt and keep that receipt because that is your proof the bottom line whether you go online or visit your local DOL office fill out the report of sale when you sell the car it makes life a lot easier for all involved [Music]